Each spring, I take a small group to Greece to learn about the country’s food and wine, agriculture and culture. Together, we explore the crowded markets of Athens, the mountainous villages of Crete, the fertile valleys of the Peloponnese, the corners of the pretty Cyclades NOT reproduced on postcards.  This year, we even ventured across the Ionian sea to Apuglia in southern Italy, a region settled long ago by Greeks and still known by its ancient name of Magna Graecia.

Along the way, we have been welcomed — all 21 of us!– in Greek homes for traditional meals enjoyed at long tables set on shaded balconies, in the workshop of an innovative Greek celebrity chef, in the hundreds-of-years-old cellars of winemakers and olive oil producers.  We learned much and made many new friends, if only for an afternoon or evening.

Priority is given to students from my home university, but we always have a few seats for students from other universities across the country.  One year, we even had someone who hadn’t seen the inside of a classroom in many, many years – but who considered himself a life long learner!  It was great to have him, and he had a wonderful time.

This year’s trip is scheduled for May 26 – June 16, 2012 — and will include a few days in Turkey!!!  For information, contact the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point International Programs Office: 715.346.2717or

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2 Responses to “Travel”

  1. Grace Christovasilis November 23, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    Hi- I’m a native New Yorker, Greek-American, whose lived in Athens since ’92–I came to yr blog from a link in Greece in Print & I’d like to share some insights. I’m travelling this week, but when I return I’ll sent you a link to a great place in Rethymnon, Crete which incls a garden of all the foods cooked there on site, where you participate in the preparation if you like, churn butter, etc. Have you gone to Anogeia? If you time yr trip right, you can participate in a traditional Cretan wedding & party, as all are invited. I am part of the American Women’s Organization of Greece, & perhaps other members, Greek-Americans & Americans, can share hidden insights for you also.

    • KuZina November 25, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

      I would LOVE to learn more about your travels. I have taken part in Niki Rose’s Culinary Sanctuaries of Crete, but I am not familiar with the place you mentioned.

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